Flora Kovats was born in Debrecen, Hungary. She started her vocal studies during the last years of university studies of French and English literature   at the age of 25.  She soon decided to go to the capital, Budapest to continue in  Etűd Conservatory of Music, as a student of Gabor Winand and Gabriella Magyar.  3 years later she finished the Conservatory and she applied to the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and got admitted. In the meantime she took classes from Cuban singer Elsa Valle , and took piano classes from Hungarian jazz pianist Daniel Kinczel. During the first year of her studies at Liszt Academy,  she applied to the scholarship Erasmus which she obtained, and so continued her studies in Barcelona , Spain, in the Escola Superior de la Música de Catalunya (ESMUC).  For the moment she is still in Barcelona, playing with musicians from around the world, studying , teaching and performing. 

Her repertoire consists of jazz standards, blues , swing, ballads, bossa nova, latin music, french chansons, soul, pop, indie, and hungarian music. 

Her  airy and deep vocal timbre and her intimate interpretations give her this personal sound so characteristic of her singing.